The distance of wow-wow

Yeah. That's it. Me and you. The stupid Me. Nothing but problems. Explanations for explanations. Construction time. Time to construct. The blind spot. Nothing. How to solve? Buddha knows. Maybe. The recipe. Need distance. Got to keep. The wow-wow. Yeah, the wow-wow. Wow-wow is the answer. The absolute distance. Not just negation. Negation is nothing. No nothing, no negation. Just wow-wow. There they go. All the good ideas carry around their people. Concretization would be the end. Keep going. That's life. The mist. Really familiar. There is nothing else. Nothing, but the wow-wow. Yeah. Enjoy. Enjoy the wow-wow. Wow-wow is the answer. I'm really sure about that. It's written in all the newspapers. They say wow-wow is coming. Pretty soon. I believe in wow-wow. Wow-wow is salvation. They way out of the mist. Just go ahead and you will see. You will see that there is no nothing, no negation, no No. Stop running around. No need to pretend. I'm with the wow-wow. No I. No me. No you. No need for construction. Information? No meaning. Informaaaaeeeetiiioon. Strange. Thing. Sing. Think. About what? There is not even nothing. No-thing. Who is flying around? Is it me? Meeeee. The me-me and the wow-wow. Yeah, that's how it should be. No, there is not even a should. Means nothing. The absolute distance..