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Why the question of how something gets from the outside to the inside can even exist.

The negation of a negation-relationship that already exists as a non-classical negation, which precedes the classical negation-relationship that does not yet exist.

An ingenious invention. The absolute metaphor as a designator for the blind spot of all existence.

Movement and distinction. And why the question of how perception works is only relevant to individuals who have settled down.

No two thoughts at once. Physicality as a necessary prerequisite for system function and why there can be no ambiguous images for machines.

Working on the 'what' to achieve the 'how', assuming the 'how' is a not-yet-understood 'what'.

A time when people were still amazed, people thought in timeless cause-effect categories and the word 'contexture' did not yet exist.

Amazement as a hint to question the starting point of the question. And what the first counter-question should be.

The timeless paradox. And why its logical, philosophical intention falls by the wayside.

Just a test? Distinguishing between unknown and mystery using the excluded third principle.

The emergence of contradictions through the exclusion of the fundamentally incomprehensible.

The unknown as the basis of reality and the known as its accumulation.

Classical thinking and the idea of the fundamental possibility of unrestricted access to the world.

The security of human rules and standards as a demarcation from nature and thus also as a contradiction to man himself.

An awareness of injustice on only very specific topics, hidden dislikes and the others.